• If he shuts it down, Answerbag will be the only place people can complain about me.
    • Hulk70166
      Everybody loves you Murzy. What are you complaining about?
  • Sure. Right. He's decided to spend 44 billion dollars so that he can scrap a company and lose everything that he invested in it. After he finishes that, he's going to do something else super-intelligent like try to rob Fort Knox with a water pistol. *** Either that, or he's smart enough to have already earned multiple billions of dollars, and he's smart enough to do something with Twitter that's going to make his huge investment in it pay off in a huge way.
    • Hulk70166
      He also tried twice to get out of the deal with Twitter. I think he's still trying. I think he's going to run it into the ground and the sell it as a loss and claim it on his taxes.
      A **44 billion dollar** tax loss? I agree to a limited extent with regard to him wanting to pull out of the deal (probably he had second thoughts about whether it was a "good bet")...but he's not going to blow 44 billion for the sake of a tax write-off. That's about 1/6 of his entire net worth!
  • I'm of the opinion that Musk bought it to destroy it & get a decent tax write-off in the process!!!

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