• Malawarebytes free is still available, I use it on my PC.
    • Hulk70166
      Could you supply a link? I can only find the trialware.
    • Professor Yaffle
    • Hulk70166
      Sorry Yaffle. I don't know if you are grandfathered in but that download only lasts for 14 days.
  • My go-to's are Superantispyware and SpyHunter. It's difficult to find the free version of SpyHunter because they keep changing their distribution format. One thing, however. It's a good application - the only one to ever find any kind of dangerous malware/viruses on my system (or maybe I'm just careful about which sites I visit). When it hits on something, though, you need to know how to manually remove the problem. If you aren't that adept, you'll need to pay the subscription fee for the automatic version. It's not cheap. I subscribed to the service once - I think it was something like $29 for 6 months. That was back when I didn't know how to manually remove the problems it found. Today, I'm smarter, wiser, and problem-free. Malwarebytes is a popular program and I've downloaded it a few times. But while SpyHunter was finding serious virus issues, Malwarebytes never found anything. They're highly overrated, in my opinion.

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