• No more so than Donald Trump when he was President of the entire country. They both shared the same concern for their respective populations. It just surprises me why the Left isn't falling all over itself to run scandalous hate campaigns to try and impeach him as they did with Trump. The main difference between the two is that Trump's power was more far-reaching than DeSantis, but everything else is the same. People who like DeSantis but hated Donald Trump should look back and ask themselves why. They might find that they were never told to hate DeSantis - but they were told to hate Trump. Liberals are weak-minded sheep that way.
  • might be better to say, "Allowed by God"...and that doesn't imply, "...because that's specifically who God wanted, God decided he's the best person for that job."
  • IMHO, he is a horrible Governor.
  • No. I don't think God is interested in any earthly elections at all. I'm pretty sure it was the citizens of FLA that put him in office. They seem to be happy with him. 11/8/22, election day
  • DeSantis is proof Floridians suffer from too much sex, sun, rum and drugs.
    • Army Veteran
      Between Florida and California, which state would you rather live in?
    • Hulk70166
      I'd chose California but it isn't BETWEEN Cali and Fla. So I'd chose Louisiana. I love swamps, crocodiles, gumbo, witchcraft and jazz. In addition their governor is named Kennedy, my one of my favorite presidents, I would curtail my politics. I hear they aren't very liberal. I might become swamp-bait.
  • Unless DT said he was, OMG...NO!

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