• If not paid, then: not normal, AND not legal in the U.S. However: IF he wants the job badly, he should say nothing. *** Yes: it's commonplace to test the employee's abilities before hiring. No: it's not commonplace to do so ***FOR SEVERAL HOURS*** unless those hours are PAID.
  • Does he have other options? I would not recommend working for this manager. I would not trust him. In other words, your brother was "interviewing the manager" as well. The manager didn't come out very well at that interview. Your brother should get as many interviews as possible before committing to an employer,
  • The manager cannot do that and he knows it - unless he compensates your brother for that day. It would be too easy to expose what he did if pressed, and he would be fired and sitting in court. It doesn't sound like your brother is being truthful with you for some reason. What he describes is too far-fetched.
  • Totally not okay and not legal. It is okay to have a test task, many companies and places do that. But without compensation I would not continue working for that manager. You can be sure the overshifts will not be compensated in future.
  • That's not legal and he is entitled to be paid.

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