• It's been my experience in the 66+ years that I've been making footprints on this earth that "he's just a friend" translates as "let's see how stupid you really are." Without exception. If this is what you're hearing, run, Run as fast as you can away from the trollop.
  • You never know, he could be more than a friend. 😲
  • Trust her to...what, exactly? And...haven't you ever been "just a friend" (even if you WANTED to be more?)
  • It's been my experience in the 70+ years that I've been making footprints on this earth that "he's just a friend" was the TRUTH!!! Most of my female friends were liars; so, I had MANY male friends over the years...YES they were ONLY a friend!!! Now, IF you're just casually dating, she does NOT owe you her undying loyalty!!! Until you're ready to put a ring on it, she's a FREE BIRD!!! Actually, after I got married, one of my male friends lived with us as a roommate for over 2 years to help defer expenses. NOT every woman out there is a cheap slut!!!
  • No way that means shes just a slut she isn't the marrying kind of girl is she.
  • That's a very slippery slope.
  • Usually one person likes one more than the other in male female relationships, she may think he's just a friend, but is he hopeful. Anyway, your question reminded me of this song that is old, but oh so funny...
    • Majik-1
      As long as I'm being faithful to my partner, he can be as hopeful as he needs to be. Just because he's hopeful, it doesn't mean that I must reciprocate!!! It just means that I need to be VERY HONEST!!!

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