• I've never had a bad experience with them in their door-to-door work, WHICH (as far as I know) they have NOT been doing since the Covid lockdowns started. Of course, it IS rude to visit someone at their home without being invited, and because they are uninvited it IS often inconvenient for the resident. BUT apart from that rudeness, in my experience they are quite polite and - if you are respectful of THEIR beliefs to the extent that you do not try to insist that YOUR DIFFERENT beliefs are "the one true way" (as they are doing to YOU) - then they are not difficult to converse with. *** In other words: be nice, and don't try to point out their errors (relative to Bible teaching), and they will be nice to you. If you try to point out their errors, they will be offended and (therefore) less nice.
  • I'd say inconvenient, but respectful. What's rude is when they leave their propaganda in or on my door to be blown in the wind and make trash all over. I don't mind them though. I just tell them I have my own religion, thank you and dismiss them, respectfully.
    • Linda Joy
      You changed your name back.
  • No I have my own religion

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