• Take a look at the old NFL arm wrestling championship (televised). Pretty interesting when edited so that you see the most interesting bouts...but not the sort of sport that makes for good audience viewing. Bouts are too brief. (In fact: the winner was so fast, the bouts he won were usually over in much less than one second.) *** An Olympic sport needs to have at least widespread audience appeal among sportsmen, and THAT means that the sport needs to be worth the money for tickets AND the time it takes to travel to the arena/stadium (the "venue"), wait in line to enter the venue, find a seat, and wait for the bout to start, and endure the (typically uncomfortable) venue accommodations until the bout is over. Arm wrestling just isn't the type of sport to draw that type - and size - of audience.
  • Do you know how to edit your question with the orange pencil icon? And my answer is no. Its not at all interesting or engaging.
  • Why not? Bowling is an Olympic sport. lol😆 Do you think the Ancient Greeks bowled? lol😋

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