• no one cares about black and white it was absolute in the 1960's. Who would want to goto the cinema and watch a black and white movie?
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      I would go, I enjoy B&W movies.
  • Black and white is still a viable film medium. Maybe not in today's society where everyone is afraid of their own shadow, but for those who still appreciate good 'ole scary movies, black and white is still the go-to for setting the perfect mood.
  • No. Such movies can be (and still are) on RARE occasion successful. However: success is typically limited to (a) horror films and (b) film festivals. I.e. horror and artsy stuff.
  • No, I concur with the others.
  • I agree with you
  • I guess that I'm out in a field all by myself. Whether the film is black and white or color is not what makes a successful film. The film itself must reach out and touch enough people to be successful Would Casablanca or Schindler's List be more popular in color? I doubt it. There's a long list of some of my favorite movies that are black and white. A few of which are Paper Moon, All About Eve, Ed Wood, It's a Wonderful Life, etc., etc., etc. I see in the lists many black and white movies made in this century. I can't speak for their popularity because I've seen so few films from this century. I can't afford the theaters or the streaming services, but I can afford TCM!
  • Black and white movies take real talent to produce them. Most movie producers today do not have the talent or the knowledge to produce good B&W film.
  • Black and white movies may not be in cinemas anymore for a long time but a lot of them are classics and memorable.

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