• Can you define what goodwill even means ? I know of goodwill as far as a small business goes which means absolutely nothing when the owner wants to sell up.
    • Linda Joy
      I think they mean thrift stores. Goodwill is the name of one here in the States.
    • 11stevo73
      thanks that would explian it.
  • Are you talking about thrift stores? Not when you compare the rising inflation. When a little pie from Walmart goes from .50 to .74 it doesn't seem like much, but that's a 50% increase which is MUCH greater than inflation which is supposedly 9.8% (according to the COLA increase). And its close enough to 10% to estimate it mentally. So, basically everything in the thrift stores should be going up 10% along with inflation. And in my opinion anything going up more than 10% is a rip off. And if we collectively don't buy it prices will come down. But the lazy people will pay for convenience instead of sewing a button back on, or looking up a pie in a mug recipe and making their own single serve pie, cookie, brownie, cornbread, or donut.
    • Linda Joy
      Turns out the COLA increase is only 8.7%.
  • We're paying twice, even three times as much for our energy use, I'm sitting here in two sets of pyjamas, and a big dressing gown, it's 11.15pm. I should imagine the thrift, we call them charity shops, will have to increase prices to cover their overheads, i.e energy bills too.
    • Linda Joy
      Joe Namath likes wearing pantyhose to keep his legs warm. (Do you even remember that commercial?) It doesn't get very cold here, thank God, but the wind blows through around my front door. You might want to try and discover the holes and plug them (put cardboard in your electric outlets, etc.) but when I was in your situation I would get a space heater and put it in one room and close the door. I couldn't afford to keep the whole house warm, but I could in one room. Holding a hot drink helps keep the hands warm. And hot potatoes work like hand warmers... discovered that one on accident. But you can also make rice bags or socks, heat them in the microwave and use them for hands or around the neck. Good luck staying warm, sweetie!
  • Yes they are getting overpriced
  • Studies have shown that places like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and other "charity-driven" stores always seem to have higher-than-average "overheads" so that less money goes to the people they're claiming to help. Some of their CEOs earn as much as $100,000 or more. The only charity I would seriously trust is St Jude.
  • Yes, I shop at Goodwill, mainly for antique decorations. I have noticed their prices go up.
  • Most thrift stores are getting really expensive lately. At least where I'm at. It's mostly because of resellers, or whatever you want to call them. It has become really popular to thrift things and then sell them on Ebay or Amazon for a profit. I see them walking around with their phones scanning the barcodes on things like books to check the resale value. I'm guessing thrift stores saw the money they were missing out on and raised prices. I mostly go to ARC to buy small dishes and trinkets that I cover with polymer clay as a hobby. Things that were 50 cents 2 years ago could be $5 now. I don't even try for clothes anymore. Anything desirable is snatched up immediately. Thrifting has been gentrified here. It's no longer affordable for lower income people

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