• I think because its so versatile and convenient. They even have USB ports on hospital beds now! And some are used for business and work, so they truly are an indispensable tool in that sense.
  • Not everyone is into paper clips, rubber bands, and balloons.
  • Technology actually keeps some of us alive! Technology keeps some of us safe. Technology provides concrete evidence for both criminal and scientific investigation. Just about everyone depends on technology over and above entertainment.
  • In some sense technology has made us lazy, and has had a negative impact, such as the hours children and adults spend on gaming, or have become addicted to the mobiles, and social media, but in other ways it has benefited us, and advanced our quality of life, and solved problems, I'm gathering you are referring to the detrimental side of it, since you mention "entertain and amuse," and this is mainly because generations of people are growing up with it, and know no different. It's a different world to the one I grew up in, they say you know when you're getting old, because you start saying "It was better when I was younger," but personally I think it was, children played out in the street, used their own imagination, and made their own fun, and teenagers had places to meet socially, that side of things is sorely lacking now, and they are watching more things with adult content, are being made to grow up fastest, becoming sexualised younger, and losing their innocence. Right, I'll get off my soap box now, "Does anyone have a ladder?".
    • AskingForaFriend
      I feel that. A while back a group of teenagers were walking down my street. They were being kind of loud and rowdy. There was an occasional puff of smoke leaving them. For half a second I had those old person feelings where I was annoyed about them being up to no good (and they probably were). But then I thought "You know what? Good for them!" It had been a while since I've seen kids outside voluntarily. Laughing. Socializing with the opposite sex. Not on their phones. Who knows- maybe they even sat out in some nature!
    • Creamcrackered
      You never know, we can only hope.
    • Shadow
      You make sense in your answer Creamcrackered. I understand what you say
  • I lived before all of the technology.
    • mushroom
      I doubt it; even commercial electricity and railroads are modern technology developed in the 19th century.
  • Do you mean just in regards to entertainment? That's how I'm reading your question. If so- my answer is because it's wildly addicting. Playing video games or scrolling on TikTok does something different to our brains than knitting or people watching. It's designed that way by people who profit from it. To suck us in and keep us there. Someone feeling like they can't get by or survive without it sounds like an addiction to me

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