• First I'd need to know if you are on blood pressure meds that need to be adjusted? Secondly stand up very slowly or you could pass out. Here are some basic homeopathic remedies:
  • Hypotension isn't the medical concern that hypertension is. As long as it doesn't adversely affect you, you're generally good to go. You appear to be having a few issues, though. For that, I recommend that you increase both your salt intake (sea salt) and water intake. Don't worry about the "salt causing high blood pressure" claims - that's just a myth. If you're already on medication for hypertension, then that could be causing your problem - you may need to have it adjusted by your doctor.
    • Linda Joy
      Its not a myth. It happens in some people, but in this one case it does work TO RAISE BLOOD PRESSURE!
    • Army Veteran
      The mechanics behind the theory that salt causes high blood pressure is, in fact, a myth. It could - if you eat it by the spoonful. But otherwise, it is not valid. It does, however, aid in raising blood pressure in cases of hypotension.

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