• Study. If you are having problems comprehending the material, you should work with your professor/teacher AND/OR work with one or more of your fellow students who DOES comprehend the material. I've NEVER run into something that I could not comprehend after careful and thorough study...not even Quantum Mechanics. (Not to say I understand the subject thoroughly, but I was able to learn and understand completely the principles and math necessary to ace tests in the university classes that I took.)
  • Thanks, already studying. I understand the material, just can't remember the words or anything important. 😔 So frustrated, it's a baby bar type exam, so don't have study friends or a professor.
  • practice on the old exams, Is what Im doing I currently have 3 different exams to do so I can continue my business
  • You could draw a data flow diagram, or a concept map, you could use acronyms to make remembering easier, or visuals so that you see things as if on a journey in order to remember what order they are in (memory palace). I also used rhyming so with the body part "parietal," I thought of Parrots all, and Parrots sprung to mind during my examine and I remembered "parietal." You could draw diagrams to make the subject more interesting and pin them to your wall, make question and answer cards and get your family or friends to test you, you could record yourself and so you can play the information back to yourself, as if listening to a CD. The best way is to use as many techniques as possible, so using seeing and Imagining, hearing, and actively taking part. I did all this to pass my Anatomy and Physiology exams. Remember your brain absorbs information, even when you are not aware, so sleep is important, on the night prior to my exams, I knew I couldn't possibly upload any more info to my brain, I put the books down and got some sleep, your brain will act as a library and provide the information to you when jogged ie reading the questions, if you can't remember the answer on one question, then go back to it later as this gives your brain time to root around the library (memory) and provide the answer. All the best.
  • Perhaps try some menomic teachniques to help you remember the terms. Best if luck . Hope you pass the exam.

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