• The Bible ***explicitly identifies*** 15 apostles. Oddly, the names of the "original twelve" differ slightly from Gospel to Gospel. Classically in Christian apologetics two of the names are assigned to the same person, which is not strange in context. We see several of the New Testament Christians having two names - for example: Simon / Peter(Kephas). ANYway, the three "later" apostles are Matthias (Act 1:26), Paul and Barnabas (Act 14:14) *** Re: "The basic sense of the word is “send forth (or off)", the Bible numbers 70 in addition to the "original twelve" (Luk chapter 10) who were sent by Jesus to heal the sick and to announce Jesus' imminent arrival. These 70 were sent in pairs.
  • An excerpt; "If you were to take the entire list of those who were sent forth apostolically in the New Testament, there are at least 83 people in the New Testament who are called “apostles.” All of this makes it very clear that apostolic ministry has continued beyond the original 12 apostles." 9/19/22

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