• Not completely. Certainly it's wrong that people die from hunger...but it's not wrong that there are wealthy and poor because ***to some degree*** such things are the result of personal choice, motivation, talent, etc. There SHOULD be benefits to working hard (benefits such as luxury and passing on inheritance to one's children) so that people are motivated to produce more, invent more, work harder, etc. I.e. motivation to contribute to society. *** However: the disparity is too great. *** The problem, though, is finding the right middle ground. The more the wealthy are forced to pay to support the poor, the less motivation there is for people to become wealthy, and (so) the less motivation is provided for those who might BE motivated and able to produce more.
    • Hulk70166
      So is it fair that the median rent in Boston is more than $3.500 a month? The cheapest in Hyde Park is $2,000/m. How is the average person supposed to afford that? Can you? Don't be ridiculous. You are applying 19th century solutions to 21st century problems.
    • Hulk70166
      We aren't arguing whether people who put forth more initiative deserve greater rewards. Of course we do. We are arguing wither average people should be able to live in an average city. Currently they can't. That is wrong. Its time for government to move in and institute fairness to combat corporate greed.
    • Army Veteran
      Yeah. The government should step in and do something like end Section 8, SNAP, and other low-income programs.
  • Its time the elletes gave something back. 70 years of compound interest has made some of them way too powerful they might think they own the world but they don't they are on borrowed time. They know it hence why they poisened the population the poplution reduction is happening before our eyes right now. Get used to it theres nothing we can do. 95% of the population are nothing but sheep they followed the leader and took their poisen and will suffer the outcome. Its not right never has been.
  • Where do you live justice77 that people are dying of hunger? Certainly not in America where we have the SNAP program, the school lunch program, Meals on Wheels, churches and homeless shelters that are feeding the hungry. Tell me justice77, to which programs do YOU CONTRIBUTE to alleviate the problem? Or are you suggesting robbing even MORE from the taxpayers who are already suffering from inflation and working to feed the poor? And NO! I don't think you should steal money from those who worked for it and give it to those who don't want to work. If you want money go earn it! Even kids in America can set up a lemonade stand to earn some money! People who take and don't earn what they get don't give it any value. Its free so lets waste it! NOTHING IS FREE!! SOMEONE has to pay for it. Even The Bible says man shall eat by the sweat of his brow. So if you don't work you don't eat!! THAT'S JUSTICE my friend - getting what you deserve or earn. Not eating what you can take that someone else earned. Even a child knows that's not fair.
  • People use the word "unacceptable" as if they plan to do something about it. If you have something in mind that doesn't involve Socialism, please share it. Maybe others can get on board. But I think you're suggesting Socialism - taking from those who have and giving it to those who don't have. This idea has been proven to not work. This explains it:
    • 11stevo73
      Its time someone did something ,your generation did nothing but bury us all deeper into the current hole? Mine has done the same whats left something has to change?
    • Army Veteran
      This is just a guess, but when you were growing up, did your birthday cake taste like Halloween candy? LOL
  • Of course. This is the greatest failing of Capitalism. Under Capitalism the capitalist can do whatever he wants to the property. He doesn't have to acknowledge the people living there have any rights. However they are human beings and have the right to live. Homelessness takes that right away.😏
    • Army Veteran
      Behind in your rent again, I see... (ever hear of a lease? That's the thing in real estate law that spells out the terms between a landlord and homeowner where the interests of both sides are protected.)
    • Hulk70166
      My rent jumped up by 30% the last time I signed a lease.
  • No one should die of hunger.
    • Hulk70166
      And no one should die because somebody else isn't maximizing their profit.

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