• OK. Put your dukes up!
  • Does "the old fashioned way" involve envelopes and stamps and lots of waiting?
  • Bring it on .At the point when argueing you think this person is going to attack, if you think you can win throw down if not run, if you get king hit by a big timer with its mates suck it in be cool regain composure watching the turn out then return the favor with 3 of your best. Now you know a possable reason a why someone tells you not to go to a snake pit. for the animosity and ongoing fueds one can get themselves into if its over nothing ie over spilling a drink buy a round even if it wasnt you're fault then leave.
  • I;d rather t talk vs the old fashion way. By talking I mean both parties talk in a fair way to each other,
  • What do you mean the ole fashion way? Do you mean as in getting physical or what? I like talking about things rather than being violent as I’m a pacifist. I respect people’s rights. Talking things out even if it means arguing can resolve things better because communication is important with resolving problems or issues among each other.
    • Linda Joy
      There's more than one way to get physical, and they can both end fights! Make love not war, right? lol
    • Shadow
      Make love not war is the right attitude but some people don’t think that way because they are corrupt
  • Wasn't it Michael Jackson that said, "I'm a lover, not a fighter"? And don't forget the old saying you can get more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar! And Kelly's response on Married with Children: Yeah, but if you rip their wings off they'll eat what you feed them and like it!! I'd rather talk, but if someone wants to fight they're clearly pitiful to take on a 61 yo crippled female veteran with a heart condition. But what their rep will never recover from is being beat by her! Dude would have to leave town!! But honestly I'd be more likely to use a more passive aggressive tactic than a physical confrontation. My bones don't heal as easily as they used to, and why risk hurting my hands? And putting on gloves or bringing a weapon makes it premeditated, right? Yeah, I'd rather stay out of sight and maybe sabotage you legally. Hurt you psychologically or emotionally or business/financially. I'm too old for hands on or fast running.
  • So you want to fight? Are you going to run? No? Then how do you figure on catching me because I'm going to run.

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