• Never. But a more important question is, do you wear shoes to match your purse? It's okay - we're living in a Liberal age now. You can come out of the closet. 😆
    • Hulk70166
      A man wearing pink doesn't mean he's gay unless he is also acting and talking gay (think Dom Deluise, Arte Johnson, Paul Lynde or Kevin Spacey.) I wear a pink shirt and have a pink watchband. I'm liberated, I'm not glued to the mythologies and stereotypes of the past. I look good no matter what I wear.
    • Army Veteran
      I didn't know those guys were gay - you seem to have an eye for that sort of thing. A guy who asks such a question as this usually has something he's dying to say to the world... (insert grinning emoji here).
  • No problem here.

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