• I agree with you they should allow one to attach images
  • You can.
    • 11stevo73
      images or clickable links?
  • I don't get the impression this is a very big site yet. And to post images that automatically load here means either hosting those images itself or using a script that automatically loads them from other sites. And both can end up costing this site a fair chunk of change. Hosting an image means hosting an amount of data that may equal dozens or hundreds of questions. Text is measured in bytes. Images are measured in kilobytes and megabytes.
  • You can add links any time you want. I suggest using a site called Tiny Some links tend to get pretty lengthy, especially photographs. AB doesn't like to post long lengths sometimes. If they go beyond the right border of the text box they are sometimes broken. I use Tiny URL all the time and never have a problem. The biggest wish in my wishbook is to break down answers into paragraphs so the answers are easier to read and digest (for those who know how to read).
    • 11stevo73
      Half of you wouldn't trust a tiny url and click on it. That pathetic turn out will be to scared to load them.
  • I have yet to see AB make any improvements.
    • 11stevo73
      I haven't eirther. The site hasn't had any upgrades since before yahoo answers closed. if it ever has had any.
    • Army Veteran
      They had email notifications when I first got here then discontinued it a week or so later. They seem to have fixed that problem.
    • 11stevo73
      Has there been anything done to AB this year its a shame really. Same as every where else you cant help people.
  • This site used to be huge. You could link pictures in answers, format text, customize your profile with photos and banners and stuff, and there was also a system of points based on up-votes (and sometimes down-votes). There were thousands of daily users, and you couldn't really keep up with every answer in real time. But, there were also a lot of troublemakers and there was also a system of politics here that affected pretty much anyone who was here regularly - CL's would sometimes ban people for no explicable reason, other CL's would investigate and unban, and sometimes it would go back-and-forth, and sometimes it had nothing to do with any content posted anywhere... Then, one day, the entire site literally vanished from the internet. It returned some time later in this format with very limited visuals and organization. Some of the old-timers came back, but I'd say there are maybe only a couple still active here. It picked up quite a bit of activity when YA shut down, but otherwise was very quiet here. There have been quite a large number of small improvements, but I have yet to see anything far-reaching to change.
    • Army Veteran
      "Quiet? A little TOO quiet, if you ask me. LISTEN! I think I hear drums off in the distance...the Indians are starting to gather firewood. YEP! No question about it --- we're in for a rough winter.
    • bostjan64
      LOL, yes, well, for a few weeks before YA announced it was shutting down, it was only a lonely cricket chirping in the server room for AB. Even Linda Joy and Jenny Rizzo seemed like they were losing interest once there was just no one to respond to their questions. If it gets too big, though, there will be a necessity for more moderation of the content, and that's where things could get tricky...

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