• 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Weren't those folders and everything else shown in the photos supposed to be "evidence" in an investigation against Trump? They were, after all, "found" on his property and seized. But then they were immediately displayed to the whole world with unsubstantiated accusations (he's not been charged with anything yet, so they would be "unsubstantiated"). Pulling this stunt, the FBI has illegally leaked evidence. What do ya know about that??? Why would they commit (yet another) crime to charge him with something? And why has Donald Trump been the ONLY president in history that the opposing political Party has gone after with such vengeance to find him guilty of a crime? It's an act of desperation - they want to stop him from running again. Since before the day he took office they've been out to get him - why? It was because he vowed to "drain the swamp" - to rid this country of corrupt politics. Many of the major Congressional leaders have gotten rich off the taxpayer and have done it illegally. Biden is selling out America to the Chinese and anyone else who will "pony up". Hunter Biden Art selling for as much as an Old World Master's art? Are you serious? Before Biden was Vice President, no one knew who Hunter was. Since "the Big Guy" became Vice President, Hunter has rubbed elbows with the heads of state all over the world and collected millions of dollars. Now that "the Big Guy" is President, all of a sudden "the Biden Collection" is worth millions in the art world. This is the kind of thing that Trump ran to stop. The middle class is suffocating in debt right now (after Biden assured that his tax packages would only affect the higher incomes) as Biden stands there saying "everyone is doing better"...than WHO? The raid on MaraLago was a sham designed to plant evidence against Trump. But it won't stop him - it will only piss him off even more. When he finally gets back into office, the world will see why they have been so afraid of him. And we may see what the maximum punishment for treason entails.
    • Hulk70166
      So what was in the empty files and how much did Russia pay Trump for those secrets, eh?
    • Hulk70166
      Boy you sure like to stretch the truth. We know for a fact that there was intelligence in those files. We know this because because of the way the files were marked "CLASSIFIED"
    • Army Veteran
      You drive a clown car, don't you? LOL. The cover sheets (all of them) stated right on them that they (the cover sheets) were not classified. Does that automatically make the contents of the folders classified? What if the contents are nothing but blank paper like as shown in the photos --- are THEY classified just because the folder says so? And where are the classified documents you say were in the folders? Are they at your house? You can't say there were classified documents in the folders unless you saw them yourself. Taking THEIR word for it? Photographing them and displaying them for the world to see is called "leaking them to the public" and is very ILLEGAL if they are evidence. Of course, if the cover sheets are correct in saying they're not classified - and they're filled with blank sheets of paper which are not classified either, then you have no case - there were no classified documents. If evidence exists, it should be shown. If it is not shown, then it doesn't exist.
  • What is the FBI doing taking pictures of supposedly highly classified material and releasing it for public consumption? The FBI were in search of documents about "Crossfire Hurricane" and other damning evidence against them.
    • Army Veteran
      It was part of yet another witch hunt determined to keep him from running again. By now, the entire world knows it. But Biden and his Fairy Tale Dancers still hang onto the astronomical odds that they'll prevail. I like to see it, actually. The deeper they dig their hole, the more retaliation will come. They're running more scared by the minute and the more scared they become the faster they did their hole.
  • Who ordered the raid? Why did White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre tell reporters that the Biden White House learned of the raid in the news thats not true is it?
  • Clinton and Biden were in bed with the Russians, not Trump.
    • bostjan64
      They are all in bed with the Russians. Putin probably has Trump's pee-pee tape stashed in his safe along with dirt on the Clintons and Bidens. During his campaign, Trump openly lied to the American people about not having business dealings in Russia, while he was, at the very same time, negotiating Trump World Tower Moscow with Vladimir Putin. Everything they tell us is lies, and that includes Trump.

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