• According to google Damascus possably Jericho, West Bank
  • The truth is: (A) we don't know for sure, and (B) that depends on what you mean by "oldest city in the World that still exists". For example: do you mean (1) oldest continuously-inhabited city (2) oldest city whose remains still exist (3) city whose structures are the oldest structures still inhabited...etc. (lots of etc) Each of these very specific definitions has a different answer...and probably NONE of those answers are CERTAIN. That is: such things are disputed by scholars because complete and conclusive evidence is lacking.
  • I would say Athens because it is more than 7,500 years old and it has the records to prove it. Also it has never been dis-inhabited like Aleppo was.😉 Alas, Google says Jericho is the oldest city with 11k years behind it.
      But here I'd like to add that Jericho has been razed several times. I don't know what archaeologists consider to be "continuously inhabited", because (it seems to me, no expert) that there must have been at least SOME period of no inhabitants in times after the city was razed...and I'd also wonder if Athens has really been continuously inhabited. Wasn't it razed by unfriendly forces a few times?
  • I have always heard that Jericho is the oldest. 8/30/22

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