• Simple progression: (1) Russia invades Ukraine (2) Investors realize that lots of petroleum and gas go through Ukraine to Europe, and that the war might disrupt supplies to Europe (causing a shortage there), so investors buy lots of petroleum and gas stocks, tremendously raising the price of said stocks - and, therefore, tremendously raising the price of transport fuel (3) Just about everything you buy needs to be transported to you or your local store. Manufactured items need several such transport trips (raw materials to factory, factory to warehouse, warehouse to store). SO: everything you buy is more expensive because transport fuel is more expensive, and transport fuel is more expensive because investors invested heavily in petroleum and gas in the attempt to make financial gains from the Ukraine war.
  • It's not. The ones responsible are those who care nothing about the welfare of their own people. There is no reason to invest billions of dollars in a money-pit that other countries have no economic interest in. Israel and Palestine have been at war for more than 40 years - how has our country's economy been affected by it? - Other than the money laundered to Israel, calling it "foreign policy" when it's nothing more than a siphon pump that funnels US wealth into the Middle East.
  • The evil kabul that controls all western goverments. Is the evil that is causing price rises it's our own goverments that are doing it more pacifically the American goverment is owned and controlled by scum that are the root cause of the problem wake up American people.

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