• Bernie was nothing more than a siphon. His whole job was to take votes away from Trump from those who thought the country wasn't ready to elect a woman. He was paid off with an expensive house and faded into the shadows until he was needed again.
    • Hulk70166
      Re: "Bernie was nothing more than a siphon. His whole job was to take votes away from Trump" - Bernie never ran against Trump. And Trump already got the suburban female vote in 2016. Dude, it time to cork the bottle. Its only Sunday for Christ's sake. lol
    • Army Veteran
      Look at the Primaries. Hillary won 60% and Bernie siphoned off 39% of the votes. After he was given a new vacation house, he conceded. He actually was siphoning votes away from Trump - indirectly. He was attracting votes away from the Republican Party, giving voters who weren't overwhelmed with having a woman President a possibility that he might be President, instead. He and Hillary were double-teaming voters to cover both sides of the gender card
    • Hulk70166
      1465: Actually Bernie sold his home in Maine which allowed him to buy a new one. He makes plenty of money on the side from writing and publishing. Nobody gifts him. And second, no male has ever run to secure the "male vote." It doesn't exist. They aren't a voting block and never have been because there has never been any reason for them to vote in a block.
  • The DNC nomination is rigged by super delegates and the choice is up to the establishment and not the voter. The DNC knows democracy is too important to trust to the people.

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