• Well...that depends on what sort of person you are. Twain wrote a great short story about this conundrum. I think it's entitled "Heaven or Hell?"
  • Mostly false and somewhat true. It’s good to be truthful with those you care about but sometimes there might be certain things that could hurt the feelings of those you care about so certain lies are for protecting their feelings. For instance if a child believes in Santa and the tooth fairy and they have been raised to believe in delusions I would tell them the truth once they reach a certain age. It’s usually in early teenage years they need to be told the truth. I have nephews and niece who believe in these made up characters and I would not ruin things for them. I would allow their parents to tell them the truth once they reach a certain age. If something does not go well for somebody I would feel sorry for them and try to make them feel better but if I fail with that I would have to give up on what I’m trying to do and feel useless in myself. If someone doesn’t succeed with something or not reach their goal I would tell them to try their best and if things are still downhill for them I would encourage the person to try different things and explore their strengths, interests and abilities.
  • not good to lie , but you can comfort them when they feel down ,but ya dont come out and say you are fat etc etc etc etc and that things are bad etc just build them up always ....

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