• In Christianity, all sins are sins against God. BUT: the conscientious Christian, the Christian of integrity, is going to try to "make reparations" for any wrong that they have done, reparation to the victims of their wrongdoing. That might mean just apologizing, in the case of sinning against a person in a way that cannot be repaired, or it can mean paying for damages done and repaying loans taken, etc. *** Christians who don't "try to make it right" with the victim of their sin are using their religion as a way to avoid being responsible for their actions. *** But a Christian is NOT mandated by their religion to seek FORGIVENESS for their acts from human beings. In Christianity, when it comes to forgiveness, only God's forgiveness matters. What a Christian should seek from the victims of their sin is: repayment of damages done against their victims, whenever that is possible.
  • Because God is the one who can change the heart, and so then the person will not sin again against that person. What is better, to say sorry to someone, or to change so that you cannot hurt that person again? What would you prefer?
  • I think if one is religious to seek forgiveness from the LORD and the person or persons one committed the sin. PTL.
  • Humans are supposed to make restitution before they even ask God for forgiveness. As for humans being liars and self-serving, well you'd have to be able to prove that for every human on the earth for eternity, and you can't so that's a lie. And it is self-serving in some way or you wouldn't have posted it. I suggest you check your own self before accusing people you have never met and don't know of things that cannot be true for everyone.

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