• If I was really pissed when you asked me. How else do you think half these strange docos are made? If you have a live one its a shame to let them down. I could probably round up a dozen local artist's that will claim to have seen a black Panther bigger than their car here in gippsland . Even thou the only Panthers in Australia are in zoo's.
  • nope id not lie ,thats wicked saying they seen things just for money!!..low type of people
  • No, because (A) I have no desire to lie and (B) I'm not good at lying, either
  • I would do it if it were true.
  • Maybe so, but only if I thought I actually HAD SEEN one of those elusive critters. $1000.00 really isn't very much for an account of a sighting though.
  • I actually did see a "UFO". When I was in middle school, I rode the city buses to and from school. One afternoon on my way home I was seated in the back of the bus when I looked out the window and saw a bright silver cylindrical object moving across the sky. It seemed quite close. Totally engrossed, I watched it until the bus turned a corner when it zipped away, then disappeared. It took me a minute to realize that the "object" was actually the sun striking the overhead grab bar reflected in the window glass.
  • Not if it weren't true.

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