• I hate when I see people littering.
  • It's terrible for people to litter.
  • I'm against it for the simple reason that this world is my home and I don't like seeing people trash my home. There are some exceptions that I'll turn a blind eye to - biodegradable material that quickly breaks down and goes back into the soil. Natural recycling.
    • Creamcrackered
      That's how I feel. I don't like them trashing the homes of wildlife either.
    • Army Veteran
      Well, rest assured...the Keebler Elves are safe.
    • Hulk70166
      Wow, you people aren't as mean as I thought. I felt sure you'd be in favor of litter.
    • Army Veteran
      Heck no...I'll talk trash all day - but I won't throw it around.
  • Completely unneccessary. If there isn't a litter bin to use take the rubbish home.
  • I think people should do their best not to litter. Put your trash in a trashcan.
  • I prefer loitering.😖
  • 7th August 2022 ...they are so lazy and should not do it!!!! ..they should see all the bad litter in the waters world wide then they may think twice. as we dont want rubbish in our oceans and creeks .....they should have a little bin in their cars and use bins at beaches etc ..and if bins are full take the litter with them .
  • some of my friend 4 wheel drive around the bush looking for rubbish dumpers so they can beat the shit out of them. If they catch a dumper they beat the crap out of them burn their car then go get their truck and loader clean up the mess and send the dumper a bill.

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