• Look at what the Biden administration has done over the past year and a half. The one promise that Biden kept was to destroy everything Trump did - including killing the Keystone Pipeline - which was the main culprit for pushing gas prices from $2.39 per gallon on January 6, 2020, to the current price of nearly $5 per gallon. Then there's the sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan and the immigration catastrophe that has all but erased the southern border. What Biden has done is to throw this country into a Venezuela-style abyss. You want to ask what Trump has done? Compare what America was like after Biden's trainwreck.
  • I never was a big Trump supporter. I have always thought he is a great buffoon. But, I know for sure I was much better off during his term than I am now that the old geezer has taken the helm. I was amazed that the DNC chose to run Biden, after he had been rejected for the job twice before by obviously wiser voters. I don't see how anything, but blind party loyalty keeps Americans supporting the current mess. 8/1/22
    • Army Veteran
      Most people have the same complaint about Trump and it seems to be the main reason they would never vote for him: He is not up to par on political etiquette, and he speaks his mind to the point of being crude. But his supporters didn't vote for him based on his personality. They voted for him because he wasn't bought and paid for like the rest of the candidates in recent political history. He wasn't bought off and he owed no one anything. He worked for the interest of the voters, not big business or, in Biden's case, China, Ukraine, and anywhere else he's been getting rich from. Most of the administration is corrupt and Trump has vowed to fix the problem - that's why everyone is so scared of him. The ones who cared more about how a President should act voted for the ones that wanted. And they're finding out how much of a mistake they made. In the meantime, they can't bring themselves to like Trump, either. He hasn't done anything wrong - they would just rather see this country go down in flames as long as the Commander-In-Chief is full of spit-and-polish.
    • dalcocono
      I don't base my opinion on his performance as potus. I began disliking him when he became a "reality tv star" a long time before he ran for office. Back when he was still a dem.
    • Army Veteran
      I understand where you're coming from - I never cared for his buffoonery where his celebrity status was concerned. But I never hired him for his celebrity credentials. I hired him because he was an independent thinker, he understood the plight of the common man, and he had the financial backing to do something about it. I think pre-political bias turned too many people against him without giving him a fair chance. Many of those people who were already biased were those who were so easily influenced by the Left and bought into the Utopian Socialism BS - just to keep Trump out of office.
    • dalcocono
      Yup, that's a pretty accurate assessment, IMHO. What amazes me is that even though Biden has ruined us by inflation and gas prices, many on the left still support his failure simply because they don't like Trump.
  • Trump waved his magic wand and started bringing back jobs to the USA that Obama promised were gone forever, that now Joe is selling out again to China. Gas prices got below $2.00/gallon after Obama promised the days of gas ever being $2.50/gallon or lower were gone forever Under Trump Russia made no territorial advances after having taken South Ossetia under Bush and Crimea under Obama. Joe comes in and starts a full Russian invasion of Ukraine by insisting that Ukraine become a member of NATO. Intrest rates were down, the stock market was up and life was looking pretty good.

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