• Depends on what the content is about. If it was an autobiography, I'd do it myself - no one knows me better than me. If it was a story that takes place in an old haunted castle, the best option would be a ghostwriter. If it was about flowers and gardening and that kind of thing, I'd tag Hulk to write it. And if it's about an old lady who has too much bread but she's not willing to share, the best candidate would be Linda Joy. Whatever the subject, just have fun with it. 😎
  • I'd write it myself but maybe get an editor to help me clean it up.
  • Definitely myself. Can't afford a ghost writer. It would be a tremendous chore for me (for some reason, even though I have excellent grammar and spelling, writing outside of a simple regurgitation like a book report or test essay has always been difficult for me).
  • I'd write it myself. I need to write my autobiography for my progeny, I just don't want to.

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