• Never. When I was still going to school, it was in an era when kids had responsible parents who would hand out corporal punishment for infractions. As for working, the answer is "no" there, too. Jobs were always too hard to come by and I needed the money too badly.
  • 25th july 2022 ~ ~ i have had sickies from work way back
  • Too many times why no one will employ me on wagers. When I was on wagers I used to miss as many days as I'd show up in winter. When you don't get paid if you don't do anything it changes things. If I goto a job now and do nothing I don't get any money I only get paid upon compltion of work.
    • Army Veteran
      Back in the day, it used to be easier to find a job - so you could drift around if you wanted to or just not take things seriously enough (the way I was). But times have changed - people can't do that anymore. I guess that's what they call "growing out of it". If you're able to work, you should be more aggressive about it. I don't know how the pension system works in your neck of the world, but if it's based on total lifetime earnings, as it is here, you could be looking at problems when you retire - or worse, if you suffer an injury and are forced to retire at an early age.
    • 11stevo73
      I will never get my super they will steal the lot you watch. We have mandatory super annuation a percentage a persons wage is paid into a fund which im meant to recieve whenI retire. Watch them steal the lot before then,now Im self employed I don't pay into that one. I cant get my money out of it thou. I own everything I have I doubt Ill be getting super old too much exposure to industry asbestos ect.

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