• "Cruel and Unusual" punishment. Eg tying them up with the Bat-rope and hanging from a building or dipping them in acid. lol😋😋😋
    • Hulk70166
      And is the batmobile street-legal??
    • Army Veteran
      Yes, the Batmobile was street legal. It was registered with the DMV and has had 3 different plates assigned to it: 2F-3567, TP-6597, and a vanity plate, Bat 1.
  • Dress code. *** More seriously: (1) He tromps around rooftops a lot (trespassing). (2) He breaks and enters quite often, sometimes when attempting to apprehend some criminal activity, but also sometimes to gather information. (3) Terroristic threatening, in some cartoons and comics it's clear that he's threatening dire actions against someone in order to coerce information (4) Very often, illegal restraint. I.e. tying someone up. (5) Very often: leaving the scene of a crime (etc etc)
  • speeding

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