• I like answering and I don't really have questions in mind too often.
  • I ask a question every now and again when a question comes to mind. It’s surprising with the amount of people on Answerbag that new decent questions aren’t asked enough. I hear what you’re saying though which I take on board. I will ask questions when they come to mind
  • I'm not very inquisitive - I already know everything. And I'm not much of a team player, so I don't get into sing-alongs and other group activities, especially at a third-grade level. I like to research things. For anyone who has a serious issue they need help with, I'll research all day long for them (as long as they don't call me names). I have two sides: a good side and - well, I'm starting to ramble, so...THE END.
  • For me: coming up with a question that I think is interesting is sort of a chore. Also: I am interested in a lot more subjects than most people. Most of my questions never get answered. *** On the other hand: when I see a question to which I know the answer, it's typically quite easy - and satisfying - to answer that question.

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