• Small children should never be allowed to play dice games - dice are a choking hazard.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought she meant school age children.
  • Army makes a good point...but you can use games with "contained" dice like Trouble. Apart from that: you will find some good choices here [[ ]] and here [[ ]] In line with what you wrote, I recommend Candy Land, Mother's Helper (if you can find that great game), maybe Sorry! and Uno.
    • Keepingonkeepingon
      Thanks for the suggestions and there is no issue regarding dice. The students are special, so their level is similar to small children.
  • gold fish or steal the old man's bundle
    • Keepingonkeepingon
      Thanks for the suggestions
  • I just googled board games for special needs children to see what's available. Apparently there are a lot of games specially designed for special needs children. Here's a link from Amazon:
    • Keepingonkeepingon
      Thanks for going to the trouble. I appreciate your kindness.

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