• I'm a pretty good cook, but I'm no chef. I've cooked professionally in restaurants, personally for myself and family, I've fed the homeless and did my tour of mess cranking serving in the Chief's mess onboard the USS SIMON LAKE before she was decommissioned. But it was my short time on extra duty that revealed my talent for cracking eggs. One at a time, eggs in the pan shells in the trash I learned I could crack a case of eggs in less than 8 minutes! That's 360 eggs or about 45 eggs a minute! I've also broken records at Subway, KFC, and Hardees', all in a day's work.
  • Well...not good, EXCEPT that I'm pretty good at following a recipe. If the recipe is precise then I can usually produce exactly what the recipe says the first time I try it (if it's not an oven recipe). It will, however, take me two to four times longer than the recipe claims. For an oven recipe, I usually need one or two (or more!) practice runs with modifications to oven temperature and time to suit my oven before it will come out right.
  • Pretty good. I retired several years ago as executive chef from a 50 year culinary career.
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  • I can follow a recipe but I do it like a scientist.
      Yeah. Who knew that all of those chem labs would have practical value in the real world?

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