• People could try thinking for themselves...but then they would find themselves leaning more to the right than they might have expected to.
  • There have always been alternatives. The Reform, Libertarian, Socialist, Natural Law, Constitution, and Green Parties can promote candidates in a presidential election. The problem is people only vote D or R because they think the others don't have a chance of winning because the money is usually behind the D or R.
    • Army Veteran
      Let us know when you vote Socialist or Communist. "Natural Law"? Would that be the party of the Sovereign Citizens that think state statutes don't pertain to them while they hide behind archaic interpretations of Constitutional law? LOL. They're so comical to watch...
    • Creamcrackered
      I admit Linda, because we have the house of commons, I will vote an outsider in order to upset the apple cart, you only need one different party to have a seat and it can make the world of difference.
    • Linda Joy
      1465 I just looked them up, I didn't study them. And I'm not very familiar with our own government, much less the other governments of the world and I knew creamcrackered is not American. I took a survey online once to find out what party I belonged to and it said I was fairly central with a slight leaning toward libertarian. I haven't voted for quite some time because I couldn't vote for any of the candidates with good conscience. But I learned last time around I need to do more research into the choices because there were far more candidates than I realized. They just weren't publicized.
  • There is a way that was accidentally built into the Constitution. But it took years for the key elements to fall into place. I found the answer by accident almost 40 years ago.
    • Linda Joy
      And apparently you're keeping it a secret? Why bring it up and then not tell us?
    • Army Veteran
      I've wanted to share it lots of times (and not just in here). But then I think about the ramifications if it gets into the wrong hands. Imagine the Biden administration having carte blanche to do what it wants with no possible way to stop them. They're already working to that end - they just don't have the key to lock themselves in. I've alluded to it a few times in the hopes of sparking the interest of someone in a position to understand its value and use it accordingly, but I could never disclose enough to protect the vital details.
  • We don't have a choice. Its a two party monopoly. The only exceptions in my lifetime were Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. Perot kept Bush I from a second term and Nader kept Bush "W" in office.
  • We can always wear a Magat Hat and try to overthrow the government like Trump did. Ask 1465, Stevo and LJ about that.
  • many ways "the system" HAS gotten better. Let's look at the U.S., for example: freedom of religion (1791), banning slavery (1865), giving women and "Indians" the right to vote (1920), banning racial discrimination based laws and policies (long history, but consider the many problems caused by segregation up until the 60s) etc. And we can look at the UK in comparison: freedom of religion (1953! apparently NOT guaranteed by law before then!), banning slavery (1833), giving women the right to vote (not fully until 1928), banning racial discrimination based laws and policies (apparently never an issue, class and wealth were very much more significant in historic legally-established discrimination than was race). SO: "the system" DOES change for the better...but over relatively long periods of time, and I do NOT mean to suggest that "the system" ONLY changes for the better.
    • Creamcrackered
      Thank you for your informative response bible reviews, interesting presidents overseeing those changes were both democrat and republican, or no party affiliation.
  • No the World Economic Forum owns us all , we are nothing more than slaves . I hope you Americans over throw them and the rest of the free world follows. But 60 years of compound interest has made them too rich and powerful.

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