• Jeffery Epstein?
    • Creamcrackered
      Yep, keeps raising its head.
  • I do otherwise there is a hell of alot of coincidences. corrput politcians are at the core of the problem the sooner they are all smoked out and hung the better. Did Jimmy Savile act alone how did he get away with it for 50 years? In my country its coming out the Minister for Police in the early 80's covered up a peadophile ring, he was rewarded with the job of Minister for Police for his efforts pity the offenders are now all dead. Other rockspiders like Rolf Harris got very little jail time.
    • Creamcrackered
      John Lydon spoke out about Saville, had him on the "Gonna list," said everyone knew what that "cigar muncher was all about." And he mentioned many others, but Piers Morgan didn't ask who. Saville was in and out the Palace, and Charles was writing to him asking for advice on making the royal family more popular. Now Andrews been found out, its been in and out the papers for years, old Pizza Gate etc. Hence, why do you think people still have faith regarding those in charge, when this thing appears to be at the top of the ladder, police, judges, royals, and it's rife in Hollywood?
  • I do. And we both know what The Bible says about them.
    • Linda Joy
      Also thanks for asking questions.
    • Creamcrackered
      I hope something happens Linda, haven't been on here for a while, hope you are well.

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