• the police are more likely to king hit you around here I wouldn't be relying on them to tell me the time of day. Last time we got robbed more stuff was missing after we called the police than the burgulars took. Here they serve and protect the rich all they do for the average person is issue fines.
  • Naturally, this NEEDS to be left up to the city or county or state which the officer in question serves. The U.S. military offers fairly high pay and has a massive budget and - so - can AFFORD to set a fairly high standard, can AFFORD to kick out even a highly-trained employee if that employee does not meet that fairly high standard. In comparison, a local police department might not be able to afford dismissing officers just because they don't meet some relatively high standard. I.e. the local police department might literally not be able to AFFORD to have its officers meet such a standard (because replacing the experienced officer is likely to cost quite a bit more than retaining the officer). The larger the police force (e.g. large cities and state police), and the larger the budget (ditto), the higher the standard they can require their officers to meet, and the more easily they can afford to retire and replace trained and experienced officers.
  • Do you even know what their standards are? The military has a medical hold for those not physically ready for duty. And I'm sure the police have desk jobs for those recovering from an injury. I'd say your first course of action would be to find out what it is you're talking about before you start making suggestions on how to improve the situation.

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