• You won't convince them since they are committed to their beliefs.
  • Once you've told someone the truth about some topic and they refuse to accept it and insist that you are mistaken, despite your presenting any reputable evidence you have to support your claim (if any), there's no point in saying anything more about the topic to that someone. Well...IF that someone is typically reasonable, you might add something like, "OK, but just remember...I told you so." IF they know you as a person of integrity, that might cause them to reflect on their mistaken belief or even look into it.
  • nothing waste of time talking to them. I don't help them later when the event happens I told you so now its youre problem go away you were told.
  • I would call them shallow minded people and delusional but I might as well talk to the wall with them because those who do not accept truth and reality don’t listen to reason and logic. Truth and reality is for sensible people who use their conscious mind.
  • Denial is no substitute for intelligence.
  • well you can just state your opinion, and leave it at that.!.you cant force people to think your way
  • You can't handle the truth

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