• Yes, old traditional Verizon type home phone service is dying out and VOIP is taking over and sorry to say VOIP isn't the best cause they rely on a battery to keep the VOIP going.
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  • Well...that depends on what you mean by "traditional". Speech is still in widespread use, for example. Writing (or typing) is still used to communicate in terms of publications, but much less in terms of letters ("post") than before the internet. On the other hand, one might argue that texting, social media, blogs, etc. have increased the amount of "written" communication far beyond what was typical just 50 years ago. *** SO: "traditional means of communication" that we can argue have definitely seen a decline are things like letters or post cards (very specific forms of written communication), but written communication in general has probably increased significantly. One might also posit that handwriting is very much less used, but that (on the other hand) typing has seen a huge increase.
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      Thanks for sharing! Quote: "traditional means of communication "that we can argue" - sure I would like to argue this subject. I'll start the debate. We’ve heard it all. That print is dead. So is radio. Soon, TV will die as well. But these mediums have yet to disappear today. In fact, companies are still spending a lot of money advertising their products and services on traditional media. Quote: "Speech is still in widespread use" Not quite. Since the rise of social media, it's easy for social media to get in the way of communicating in person. Do you communicate with people more on the internet or in person??? Let's see how weak or strong your argument is.

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