• Yes, and several other crypto currencies. So far I'm doing pretty well (far better than I would in stocks or bank accounts), but nothing that would put my name in the news.
    • Hulk70166
      How did you get started?
      #1 - I signed up with Coinbase and bought some crypto. (Coinbase is REAL easy to use and REAL safe, but if you "get into it" you'll want to join more advanced exchanges with lower fees.) #2 - I read a book and some online articles. #3 - I bought a bunch more crypto - probably not at the best time - in an attempt to diversify. #4 - After about a month's experience I set up a personal system where I am much less likely to lose money #5 - I PLAN on reading another crypto book, supposed to be a full treatment. *** SOLICITATION AHEAD: most crypto exchanges offer a referral bonus to a refer-er and to the new client. Currently I'm a member of three crypto exchanges. Coinbase is one. For the newbie I definitely recommend Coinbase (though personally I now use it much less than I do the other two exchanges - because of cheaper fees in the other exchanges, and because I am able to work advantageously with the more advanced interfaces and options that the other exchanges have). So IF you want a Coinbase referral bonus (and I get a bonus also if you do), you can follow this link to sign up: {{ }} I also belong to Binance and OKCoin, and I can give you referral links to those if you are at all interested...but again, those are more advanced, I do not recommend them to a newb.
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