• I'm optimistic whether it's safe to use
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  • No. It seems like Paypal NEVER FAILS to screw me out of money, and there is NO recourse for when they do. My credit cards are much less hassle and the support people much, much, MUCH more helpful when there has been a transaction error or a fraudulent charge.
  • I've been using Paypal for over twenty years. Never a problem. I've also had to ask them for refunds and they always come through.😏
  • Yes. I have been using PayPal for about 10 years or so and no problems. It’s safe to use.
  • since they want to tell people how to live their lives Ive stopped using paypal visa works everywhere now I don't need to use them anyway.
  • No, I've used the same credit card for over thirty years. It works just fine. They notify me when a transaction doesn't look right. And because I pay the total as soon as the bill comes, I never pay a fee.
  • I've found it reliable and the one time I didn't receive the ordered goods I was refunded quickly.
  • Yes I do. I always feel my info is safer when I can pay thru pay-pal. 1/23/23

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