• Yes most definitely they put him there so he does not get behind and be in danger! March 19 2022
  • No. The law of survival dictates that the strongest be the Alpha-male (leader). That position usually goes to a younger male.
  • in real wolf pack? no way as they fight for top position
  • Well , who knows that is secret hahahaha
  • Thank you for this question. I enjoyed learning this when I looked it up: "When wolves within a pack fight over a dominance issue, the fights are usually highly ritualistic. Fights are more bluff and showing off than actual attempts to hurt each other. Sometimes, most often in winter, fights will turn deadly but usually the loser simply walks away from it uninjured. Wolves usually lose and gain rank (such as who eats when, or who leads when traveling) frequently within their pack, with some of the more peaceful packs almost passing rank around like a game, taking turns."

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