• Absolutely NOT. I think for myself.
    • Hulk70166
      You do NOT think for yourself, you are a mirror of Fox News. Whatever they tell you to do, you do. You are as predictable as hamburger and ketchup. I don't even think you are a real person. I think you are some kind of bot.
  • The expression "Politically Correct" was a term used by USA Maoists in 1980 to attract attention. It lasted for about a month and then dropped. But Rush Limbaugh heard it and ran with it and we are still complaining about it. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY WANTS OR CLAIMS TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT AND I have no idea why people are still in a dither about it It is no longer a relevant issue. Also, Rush is dead. lol
  • I try to be gender neutral and sympathetic to others feelings.

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