• How do you sue the government? Especially when most people are sheep. When the sheep start dying they'll wonder why.
  • **I think**...We're talking about passports, so we're talking about people ***entering a country from another country***. In other words: we're talking about NON-RESIDENTS, and there is NO right in international law to travel to a country that does not want you (for whatever reason) to travel to that country. Country A can - legally - prohibit person Z from entering their country ***for any reason or none***.
  • You 30% who are refusing to get vaxed; I'm getting little tired of "Your Privacy Concerns." We are coming into the third year of this pandemic and still wearing masks, Why? Because we can't achieve herd immunity because you won't get vaxed. You have no right to complain. You also have no right to declare a personal health emergency when you knew it was coming.😉 Stay out of the waiting room and let the legitimate patients have a chance.
  • IMHO the health and welfare of the US nation is more important than. privacy
    • Hulk70166
      thank you. You can't sue anyone for violatin of privacy if you're dead.
  • its a losing battle .the governments have they are dictators .i never wanted the vaccine , becasue you can still catch it and even die but they ban you from going to places even to a restaurant etc i decided id better have it. i agree its nobodies business what vaccination i have had ..its private information. .well it was private
  • You really are a terrible judge. Vaccine passports are not against medical privacy, nor are they any sort of grounds to sue, let alone the the government. If you want to do some jobs such as army or medical research, you need to prove you have the right vaccines. Vaccine passports are just the government spreading that out into the public as well.
  • I witnessed an altercation is a supermarket over that "medical privacy and hippa" thing. The store had a large sign outside the door say "no entry without a mask. Masks are available inside." There was a "mask monitor" at the door to make sure the policy was followed. I masked up and walked into an agrument in progress with an unmasked man telling the monitor it was "his right" to come into their store without a mask, and they couldn't legally impose a ban on him because of his right to medical privacy and hippa regs. The monitor had a walkie-talkie and called the manager. Manager showed, and reenforced the monitor, and told the guy he was now trespassing and he would call the cops if he didn't either mask up, or leave immediately. The guy seemed to be unsure about his claims to "medical privacy", because he turned around and left.
  • It is actually creating an Apartheid, of sorts with the segregation of those who have been vaccinated from the unvaccinated, even though the unvaccinated may well be protected by their superior immunity. Hence, the unvaccinated regardless of their immunity, are having the rights removed as a result of choosing not to have the experimental vaccine for whatever reason that is. And the government should be brought to task because no one should feel forced into this, through coercion, it must be entered into voluntarily, with full disclosure of the side effects, especially bearing in mind the pharmaceutical companies are exempt from liability. Suing the government is like suing yourself, the people fund the government, so the money will come from our taxes, hence a bad idea.

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