• if I was a kid, the latter 2 for sure. now that I'm older, the first choice definitely! : )
  • Give me a secluded cottage in the woods, a wood stove, a liter of Fireball, a TV, and the original black-and-white movie "It's a Wonderful Life" and I'm in my happy place for the rest of the day.
  • Well...I haven't had a "snow day" in about 45 years. Back in those days I would certainly play outside. Even in college I liked to take walks in the snow when the city was "shut down". Where I live now, snow days aren't really severe enough to put off a Northerner like myself and I just work as usual.
  • Winter days have come and more snow is falling. I'll be driving outside, although it's a little difficult to go outside on snowy days, but snowballing is my whole family's favorite.

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