• You figure this time a year ago we was all on lockdown
  • A year ago, the Keystone Pipeline was still operational, gas prices were much lower, and the economy was much better. This year, Biden is in office, the Keystone Pipeline has been shut down, gas prices are much higher, and inflation has skyrocketed - tell me - how would you explain it?
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes I agree so true
    • mushroom
      The explanation for gas prices this year (2021): OPEC reductions. In 2020, the US exported over a half-million barrels of oil per day more than it imported. It's like a crack addiction: we sell off the good domestic stuff and keep loading up on the cheap imports.
  • Many stores will still resort to shady and misleading tactics to make deals look more alluring.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes I agree , thank you
    • mushroom
      There has been an ongoing slight-of-hand in electronics deals for Black Friday for years. Often, older models with cheaper or less capable components are repackaged and sold as specials just for the seasonal sale. If you remember in the "olden" days, you'd go into a discount store and take a look for the lack of extra connectors on the back of their TVs and often poorer picture quality. The best deals usually come after the holidays when returns of last year's models are sold as refurbished.

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