• Some limited people may see her that way. I don't. Do you?
    • Army Veteran
      Need you ask?
    • Linda Joy
      That's the best way to get an answer from the source directly. I would think a self confessed PUA would prefer an infertile one.
  • No. She's only considered a disgrace in Liberal circles because she can't create children to be aborted.
  • Why would a physical condition beyond her control be a disgrace to anyone?
  • In many cultures: yes. (Primarily: in cultures that are VERY male-dominated and in agricultural societies, but note that there are exceptions.) In most modern Western-style cultures: not unless the woman or her spouse are very desirous of producing offspring.
  • No. Is an infertile man a disgrace?
  • nope thats an evil way to can it be the womans fault ?..its not her fault!!
  • A woman who is infertile should not be considered a disgrace. Either if its by choice, ie tubal ligation or natural. I knew two women with a rare chromosomal disorder Turners syndrome. The condition means they never developed functioning ovories. That is no disgrace or shame.

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