• Affirmative.
  • No. I live with my wife of nearly 40 years,
  • Yes. Why, you planning on robbing me? 😋
    • Moving Violation
      I am old and live alone I was just looking to talk with someone now I realize that was a poor question! Nov.18.2021
    • Linda Joy
      Me too. I just found it amusing it came right after the one about the guard dog. I'm not worried. We have cameras here, and I have the best theft deterrent system in the world! I don't own anything anyone would want! I hope you enjoy the site.
    • Moving Violation
      Thanks Linda!~I have cameras all over and 2 guard dogs the dogs have had the proper training and that is expensive you must have dogs with the training or they are worthless. Nov.19.2021
  • Thats a big 10-4 snuff skeeter! living alone & liking it. No co pilots or hitch hikers wanted.
    • Moving Violation
      Thanks Nov.19.2021

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