• Any dictator who tries to take a country supported by the US, in this case Taiwan - is not a friend of America. With China Joe, anything can happen. "When we Chinese call someone an old friend, we mean we've known him for a long time. But an 'old friend' doesn't necessarily mean he is still a real friend," -Shi Yinhong
  • I seriously doubt it.
  • I don't see how this is possible unless Biden speaks Chinese.
  • Old? Yes. Friends? No.
  • Ping OWNS the Biden Crime Family. He owns Obama too, who is Biden's puppeteer. Everything happening now, closing oil and coal mines, open borders, paying people to stay home, is Obama's 3rd term. It's everything he would have done had he a totally Democrat Congress. which Biden does and Obama is behind the scenes and more powerful than he ever was as POTUS. He also "community organized" the 2020 election fraud and theft.

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