• DancesWithWolves
      Retiring Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama plans to spend $5 million of his own campaign money to help his former chief of staff beat the candidate backed by Donald Trump to replace him, a new report said on Thursday. Shelby has told allies he will help fund an independent SuperPAC supporting Katie Britt, who, after leaving his staff, served as the CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, to win the GOP nomination to replace him, The Washington Post reported, citing two poeple who know of the senator's plans. The massive infusion of cash will likely have a deep impact on the race, where Republican Rep. Mo Brooks, who has pushed Trump's election conspiracies, has struggled to raise the funds needed to win the primary. Shelby, who is retiring in 2022 after six terms in the Senate, has $9.7 million in cash in his campaign account and $6.5 million in his leadership PAC.

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