• A lot of climate activists are extremely averse to saying so. But nobody knows what might work to get the public "worked up" about climate change.
  • Climate change is a bigger scam than COVID 19 (which co-exists because they feed off each other). There is nothing mankind can do to destroy the environment - the earth is too big, and it takes care of itself. What people are claiming to be "climate" change has taken place over a short time in comparison to how long the earth has existed and purged itself of impurities over more than a million-year timespan. There are "players" out there who feed off of the gullibility of liberal-minded sheep who are unable to think for themselves. These people are easily led to support anything. The main tool that is used is emotional exploitation - a favorite tool that is used by the media to manipulate people's beliefs. If you believe you think for yourself but believe Biden is doing a good job, you're one of the stupid ones that I'm referring to. Climate change activists want your money and support - that's it. Here's a question to think about: What have these climate change activists done with the money being funneled to them through government grants and private funding? Where have they made a difference? All they do is use fossil fuel-dependent means of transportation to attend meetings where they condemn fossil fuels. Does anyone remember the "hole in the ozone" scare? Remember how that had to ban aerosols because that's what was causing it? Whatever became of that? ANSWER: "NOTHING". The hole in the ozone is still there - and it moves around. Its purpose is to rid the earth of toxic waste - and it's a NATURAL PHENOMENON. But it was yet another environmental scam that bilked taxpayers and private donors out of billions of dollars. People got rich from endless "research" that never produced anything - just like the current "climate change" scam.

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