• It's counter-productive and stupid. They want to destroy the fossil fuel industry just so they can deplete the natural resources - using methods that destroy the same environment that they claim is in so much danger from fossil fuels.
    • Charin Cross
      I know, right? China is mining all over Africa for these minerals and destroying that beautiful continent in the process.
  • It's definitely not environmentally friendly.
  • All mining damages the environment, with some methods more damaging than others. But rare earth metals are generally used in making magnets for motors, rather than as battery components like cobalt and lithium. The term "rare" does not refer to scarcity throughout the planet, but instead that the elements are not usually found in large ore deposits. The balance between mining and environmental concern is that future electric generation to charge those batteries will produce fewer emissions which are difficult to keep out of the air, while used batteries and magnets can be recycled to some extent.
  • Big open pit mines that they tell us they will repair and replace, and fill in. The govt just overruled a complaint by the Paiute/ Shoshone people in northern NV over a huge mine disrupting cultural and sensitive environs in their lands. The miners convinced the govt to give the permits.

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